About Us


Company goal and guidlines

  1. Understanding of our customers' goals, time lines, and requirements.
  2. Upfront planning, layout and detailing.
  3. Understanding of local contractors' abilities, needs and commitments to a project.
  4. Ability to pool resources from a wide range of knowledge bases and expertise.
  5. The personnel and financial backing to complete our projects


The Project

  1. Understanding of current plant operations, past history of layouts, concepts and designs.
  2. Full comprehension of customers' goals, layouts and design features.
  3. Commitment to upfront discussion of design and details.
  4. Revisions, relocations, or removal of any projects or parts of projects prior to shutdown.
  5. Coordination with plant personnel for scheduling of events, contractors, plant services, equipment, and workspace to produce maximum efficiency.
  6. The ability to organize resources and make minute to minute decisions and adjustments required to complete an on time project.
  7. Dedication to design, fabrication, installation, start-up, and commissioning of equipment and systems.
  8. The satisfaction of completing a working project on time, within budget.
  9. After job commissioning with service and recommendations.